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2008 Predictions In The Technology Realm

With this week being so hectic with moving into the new town house, these little short posts or lists keep the blog alive and help me spend more time writing articles for next week as well as getting unpacked.  In no certain order, you’ll find my ten predictions for next year:

· Apple Will Release a 3G iPhone w/ GPS, Flash Memory, and possibly….gasp…Flash Support! (Can Anyone say RIA?)

· 37Signals, Twitter, Tumblr, etc will be bought up by bigger corporations. 37Signals & Technorati stand to be bought out the quickest?

· Microsoft with announce a new XBOX 360 with larger hard drive (300-500gb?), built in Wi-Fi, HD-DVD, and DVR abilities.

· Sony will drop the price of the Playstation 3 to create a stronger edge against the Wii and XBOX 360 as well as pushing Blu-Ray.

· Advertising will find innovation as well as a huge spike in affiliate marketers.

· Death of FaceBook, Myspace, Digg, etc. New generation of innovative sites should arise and create a new bubble or completely collapse the “Web 2.0″ bubble.

· Google will have competition in the Search Engine world….we all can see it coming…

· Hyper Local Innovation and Growth to really compete with newspapers headfirst and possibly end the print industry.

· Massive growth in video blogs (*yawn*)

· Startups will become publically traded (IPO)

What do you guys see coming this year? Disagree with the above?

How To Install KDE 4 On Ubuntu Gutsy

I’ve been watching over the KDE 4 development for the past couple of months as I’ve always loved it as my unix* window manager (outside of Fluxbox of course), and today I finally got around to installing it.

The following has been tested on a MacBook Pro w/ Ubuntu Gutsy (Kernel 2.6.22-14-generic)

Edit Sources:

The first part is the hardest part (sarcasm); Simply open /etc/apt/sources.list with your favorite text editor (ex: sudo nano -w /etc/apt/sources.list) and add the following line:

deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-members-kde4/ubuntu gutsy main

Update Aptitude:

Run the following from your command line and it’ll update your Aptitude database to include the KDE4 installation from the source added above:

#sudo aptitude update

The Hardest Part – The Install:

Simply run the following from your command line, wait a few minutes as your download completes itself, and then logout. Login in under a new KDE4 session and get busy with it:

#sudo aptitude install kde4-core

The Review….

I have not gotten around to full testing this environment yet as I’m just now getting the install done, but you can expect a full review this week. Tomorrow is Macworld, so don’t expect much outside of the world of Apple, but I’ll get you a review of all of the new features ASAP.

MacWorld 2008 [Disappointment]

Wow – So, I’ve just spent the past 2 hours making the F5 key my best friend since I wasn’t able to make out to San Fransisco, CA this year as planned to actually attend MacWorld 2008 due to travel issues. The next best thing is to visit the guys over at Gizmodo, Engadget, and Mac Rumors to get the live blogging coverage on the fly thanks to the beauty that is the internet.

What came out of this conference?

Apple Time Capsule

iPhone 1.1.3

iTunes / Apple TV Movie Rentals

MacBook Air

Ok, So Where Is The Disappointment?

  • Where, Oh Where, Is My 3G iPhone or larger capacity iPhone?!
  • $1,700 dollars for a Macbook Air (plus $999 for a Solid State Drive?)
  • $20 dollars for an iPod Touch to get the basic applications from an iPhone? (stocks, maps, etc)
  • You taunt us with this new and improved Apple TV Take 2 with HD movie rentals, but where is a monthly plan to compete with Netflix? Shame on you, Just shame on you!

In Short?

We got a couple new product ideas, but nothing is honestly calling for me to buy it and I’m honestly disappointed. I really expected that once Steve Jobs walked off the stage, I was going to need to hide my debit card to prevent myself from purchasing new toys; Not the case today though.

The Macbook Air is nifty, but over priced for the target audience and there is no way around it. The high end system costing around $3,000 is just ridiculous when my personal Macbook Pro cost around that point and is just an all around better machine. Plus I don’t need to tag around a USB hard drive for extra space, a USB superdrive, and don’t have to go purchase a USB Ethernet adapter for a secure network environment.

The iPhone update is a awesome update supporting semi-gps (cell phone tower triangulation), multiple user SMS, arrangeable home screen, and better bookmarking – BUT – Where is a better mail client? A instant messaging application? Do we really have to wait until the SDK comes out and then have to pay for these things?

Which brings me to the biggest shocker – $20 dollars for the damn iPhone applications to be on the iPod Touch?! Come on Apple, are you seriously wanting to make people pissed off? My parents bought my sister an iPod Touch for Christmas and now you want to charge them $20 dollars for these basic applications when new purchases will get them free?

Overall, I love Apple and I would rather a Mac over a PC any day, any time, but today was just disappointing….I will be sticking with my Macbook Pro and Mac Pro until Apple decides to bring out something worth upgrading too (High Definition Video Drive?!).

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